Get To Know More about Volleyball Game Rules

The following basic volleyball game rules are meant to help players, and coaches learn and enjoy volleyball as a sport. A volleyball match is played by two teams each with six players on each side and separated by a net. Women’s volleyball has become a popular sport around the world compared to men’s volleyball. Volleyball game rules make provisions for various equipments to be used, for example volleyball game shoes for women or men, nets, and an inflated ball of course.

How the Game Is Played

Volleyball game rules for competitive sport are very straight forward like any other sport. The objective is to win the match. The match is won by the team that wins three out of the five sets of matches. Teams making use of proper volleyball game shoes for women or men have an advantage where the game is played indoors as the playing surface is usually a sleeper y floor. One team serves the ball to the other over the net as the other attempts to return the serve without the ball landing on their side of the court or committing a fault. The game is played until one team gets to twenty five (25) points and has at least a two point lead. A good team would therefore, make sure players have the right volleyball shoes for women or their male players to keep up with the pace of the match.

While serving, the receiving team is allowed three hits before returning the ball to their opponents. A good strategy during play is one which would make it difficult for your opponent to return the ball. This could involve spiking the ball, dumping, or setting the ball to the opponent’s side of the court. Volleyball game rules set the dimensions of the court to be eighteen (18) by nine (9) meters with clear boundaries showing end lines, sidelines, serving area, attach lines, substitution zones, and the center line.

Out of Bounds Area

According to volleyball game rules, there are areas that are out of bounce if the ball lands on them. These include;

  • The floor outside the court area
  • A wall or objects mounted the wall
  • The ceiling above a nonplaying area
  • The antenna
  • The net
  • The referee platform
  • An object hanging from the ceiling below 15 ft.

Game Violations

Typically teams rotate during play; this is usually done in a clockwise manner once a team wins a serve. Each game has violations and volleyball is no different.

  •  Stepping over or on the line while serving,
  •  unable to serve the ball pass the or over the net
  •  illegal hitting of the ball,
  •  touching the net with any part of the body
  • over the net reaching

These are just some of the regulations that should be adhered to strictly. They are really simple to abide by once you are familiar with the game. This is a great workout sports for anyone looking to be competitive and stay in shape at the same time.