What To Look For In Volleyball Shoes

When buying athletic shoes, always choose shoes that are specifically designed for the sport or purpose. If you are a volleyball player, you must opt for shoes that will help you improve your performance in the volleyball court. When choosing a pair of volleyball shoes, keep in mind that there a few qualities on what to look for in volleyball shoes. If you want to perform better, look good as well as protect yourself from potential injuries in the volleyball court, consider these important factors in choosing the right volleyball shoes for women.

Features Your Volleyball Shoes Must Posses

  • Cushioning and Midsole

A soft and comfortable mid-sole is one of the vital qualities on what to look for in volleyball shoes. When playing volleyball, you will spend most of your time on the balls of your toes and feet. To reduce the risk of sustaining injuries in this area, choose shoes with mid-soles that would absorb shock. Soles with such qualities are usually made of liquid, gel, air and foam. Through these materials, your feet will have the proper cushioning.

  • Stability

Another important feature on what to look for in volleyball shoes is the shoe’s ability to provide good lateral support. Keep in mind that volleyball requires frequent and chronic lateral movements from its players. Superb volleyball shoes for women use innovative designs with a variety of materials for lateral support. These shoes are consisted of lightweight synthetic components that provide ankle support.

  • Traction and Grip

Since volleyball courts are mostly consisted of hard surfaces like hardwood floors, a good pair of volleyball shoes for women must possess superior traction for the player’s side to side movements. A good volleyball footwear must have a superior gum rubber sole for better traction. With this shoe capability, you will be react faster and quicker to any play in the volleyball court.

  •  Size

One of the most important quality in what to look for in volleyball shoes is the size of the shoes. Before buying a pair of volleyball shoes for women, make sure that they fit properly to your feet. If the shoes are tight or lose, consider other shoe sizes. Try on several sizes and pairs until you get the right fit.

  • Comfort

When buying an athletic shoe, make sure that they are very comfortable. One of the most important aspects on what to look for in volleyball shoes is their comfort level and ease. If you want to perform better in the volleyball court, choose volleyball shoes that are padded with soft cushions.

Volleyball is widely considered as one of the most renowned sports across the world. Due to the sport’s escalating popularity, shoe manufacturers designed specific footwear that can go beyond the conventional sport’s shoes. If you are serious in playing volleyball, you must have the right volleyball footwear. With the right set of volleyball footwear, you will be able to perform better as well as protect your feet and ankle from any injuries. When buying volleyball shoes, consider the important qualities in what to look for in volleyball shoes.